Bi-Tron in Racing

Bi-Tron in Racing

Dragster engines take a lot of abuse and are pushed to the limit with extreme torque-loads, and have to be rebuilt with most of engine parts replaced every 70 runs.

With Bi-Tron Engine Treatment after 350 runs, the engine parts, including those that carry a lot of load, were found in excellent condition, totally clean of any build-up and with virtually no wear.

The drag racing car driver has been an automotive instructor and engine builder for 30 years. He has been monitoring the performance of Bi-Tron for years. During that time Bi-Tron delivered outstanding engine performance and engine life span.

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Fuel Savings

Fuel Savings with Bi-Tron

A fuel flow meter was attached to a trawler engine before using the Bi-Tron products. The trawler was used with the fuel flow meter for a considerable time at varying RPM both steaming and trawling before adding the Bi-Tron product.

After adding only the Bi-Tron Engine Treatment the crew reported average savings of more than 14%.

After 20 months of Bi-Tron use the crew reports that they gained an additional four days of operating time, for a total of 14 days. on the same amount of fuel used previously in only 10 days of operation.

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